You All Suck

I'm thinking on giving up on you Buzznet people no one looks at my photos or gives me comments or advice (yes I know a…

Ahhhh I've had concert withdrawal symptoms for far too long!!!

Ok so I've haven't been to a concert in such a long time... SO to forfill this need I will be seeing three amazing bands…
beatofthedrum Jul 26, 2010
Apocalyptica - End Of Mevid

Apocalyptica - End Of Me

**** This line is the correct lyrics "Take away your broken misery, I can't wait to erase your memory"
beatofthedrum Jul 07, 2010

Ahhhh Sick so sick... JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

This is a wonderful song and sums up how my life is and how I am feeling at the moment. So I would like to…
beatofthedrum Jul 07, 2010

The Green Abyss

The Lost Celt She seeks to protect herself, No longer needing nor wanting The over possessive stare of green abyss   Her strength is renewed As…
beatofthedrum Jun 28, 2010
Baris Akarsu - Islak Islak With Translation Subtitlesvid

Baris Akarsu - Islak Islak (With Translation Subtitles)

Turkish Singer. Sadly Passed Away on 4th of July 2007 after 5 days of deep coma in Private Bodrum Hospital which He was brought after…
beatofthedrum Jan 14, 2010
30 Seconds To Mars - Kings And Queensvid

30 Seconds To Mars - Kings And Queens

New song from the upcoming album This Is War
China 'Crushing Uighurs ' Rebiya Kadeer vid

China 'Crushing Uighurs ' ( Rebiya Kadeer )

China has been accused of conducting a 'campaign of ethnic genocide' against Uighurs. the chinese commnist party's fear of the Uighur resentment towards them, clearly proves…
beatofthedrum Jul 07, 2009
BIbo no Aozora - Babelvid

BIbo no Aozora - Babel

This is so amazing please watch
beatofthedrum May 24, 2009
Having a bad day? WATCH THIS IT WILL MAKE U LOL !!!!vid

Having a bad day? WATCH THIS IT WILL MAKE U LOL !!!!

Billy Connolly - Farts and other bodily functions lmfao
beatofthedrum May 10, 2009
Dursun Dunya - Teomanvid

Dursun Dunya - Teoman

Turkish Rock, Great Song
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About Me:

I Change depending on who I am with and what the weather is like (I am one of those people who get very shitty when it is an overcast day and it doesn’t rain!) that just pees me off!

I Hate:

1) Fake People and Try Hard’s
2) Taking things without asking for them or taking credit for something that you didn't do!
3) When people

But other than that I am free spirit happy to stand out or sink into the crowd ! I love being different and I sometimes wonder why people are not more open to culture and different groups in society….


Anything Arty – Painting, Music – Is my life ! and MCR and Bob Bryar (love him too death) are my world ! (Oh Please Note: My Bob Banner was created by my awesome friend aussiemcrfan), Photography – I have a passion for photography… Still life, Sports – I play Soccer (football) and Touch Football (like Rugby but no tackles thus the name touch lol), action what ever catches my eye., animation, computer graphics, drawing ect

Favorite Music:

30 Seconds To Mars, A Fire Inside, ACDC, Avalon Drive, Bon Jovi, Coldplay, Crowded House, Eskimo Joe, Evanescnce, Evermore, Fall Out Boy, Foo Fighters, Funral For A Friend, Good Charlotte, Green Day, Grinspoon, INXS, Il Divo, Jack Johnson, Jet, Lifehouse, Linkin Park, Maroon 5, Matchbox 20, My Chemical Romance, New Found Glory, Nickelback, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, Pete Murray, Pink, Placebo, Powerfinger, Powerfinger., Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rogue Traders, RuinGloria, Sick Puppies, Silverchair, Snow Patrol, Sum 41, The Academy Is..., The Fray, The Higher, The Living End, The Used, Thirsty Merc, U2, Underoath

Favorite Movies:

(I know it is essentially a kids movie but really it is funny as hell), Berth (The Used DVD)., Bridget Jones Diary, Fast and Furious (all), Gladiator, I Heard A Voice (AFI DVD), LOTR's, Life on the Murder scene(MCR DVD), Pride and Prejudice, The Corpse Bride, The Illusionist, The Pink Panther, The last Samurai

Favorite TV Shows:

1) CSI, 2) Heroes -Jess and Emmy's fault :P, 3) The Simpson’s, 4) Animal Documentary, 5) ANY FORM OF MUSIC SHOW XD, 6) Sports - NRL (Roosters Yeah), Don't watch much TV ! If I do would be watching one of the following:, Rugby ect, Soccer

Favorite Books:

A few of my MUST READS:, Bridget Jones Diary (both-Funny as), Girl With A Pearl Earring (get the one with the artworks in it), Harry Potter (all- so far the 3rd is my fav), LOTR's (are a bit long), Memoirs Of A Geisha (also very good), The Altman Code (good spy novel), The Sight (fantasy)